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Email the NYC DOE to Say "Bring Back Screens" for High School Admissions - no more lottery!

Send an email to the NYC Department of Education and elected parent leaders to let them know you oppose the lottery admissions for high school applications. Students deserve a fair and reliable process based on metrics and merit for academic programs.


Here is a sample email (we suggest personalizing the 'Subject' and 'email'):


Subject:  Bring Back Objective Screens for 2023-24 NYC DOE High School Admissions

Dear Chancellor Banks, Deputy Chancellor Weisberg, and Office of Student Enrollment:


I am writing to urge you to oppose the continuation of high school lotteries for previously screened schools which were enacted during Covid-19 due to a lack of consistent metrics, such as grades and test scores.

Governor Kathy Hochul lifted the State of Emergency for Covid-19 on 9/13/2022, therefore it is illogical and unethical to continue with lotteries for academically accelerated schools when: a) using these metrics is once again possible, and b) screening continues for arts-based programs. 


Academically advanced students need programs that meet their needs the same way specialized programs suit specialized arts needs, and these schools rely on students that can meet the rigorous coursework they provide.

Many families have departed from NYC public schools over the past few years because of the unreliability of a lottery system which does not reward merit. To continue lotteries would exacerbate our declining enrollment and diversity of students.

A child’s appropriate education is not a prize to be won in a lottery. Please reinstate academic screening at previously screened schools.

Sincerely yours,



[your name], public school parent in [name of borough or school district]

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