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What is the District 28 Diversity Plan About?

Mayor Bill de Blasio and NYC School’s Chancellor, Richard Carranza, are moving forward with a “diversity” program that purports to address failing schools. Many NYC schools lack adequate funding, are in grave disrepair, and fail the very students and communities they serve. Sadly, the Chancellor’s Plan is an untested, quick-fix distraction from relentless underfunding.


While the Plan was all but decided behind closed doors, attempts are being made to make implementation appear democratic. Since no one voted for the Plan, a for-profit company, WXY, has been hired to martial an inclusion process. There is much talk of “stakeholder” input and “community involvement” replete with “Working Groups” and “Workshops”. But, don’t be misled, the Plan’s essential outline has already been determined!

Per the NYC DOE

“...a community engagement process, over the 2019-20 school year...will result in a diversity plan for District 28.” The outcome has already been charted, “District Working Groups... will be successful if a path to integrating schools is chartered.”


When a similar plan was rolled out in Brooklyn, this meant a Quota System, and forced distance busing/transit for young children. In addition, for D28, this would likely mean an end to zoned school or at least setting aside a percentage of otherwise zoned seats. Nevertheless, there are larger issues at stake. Who asked for this Plan? What was the process by which it was funded? Why is $775,000 going to WXY to implement it? What are their qualifications other than to provide valance? What are the rights of parent’s to determine outcomes in their own communities?  


The good news is there is something we can do about it! In less than 5 weeks Queens Parents United has more than 700 Members and growing.


We’ve created two petitions asking for clarity of process and received more than 2000 signatures!

We will attend upcoming CEC Meetings in force, canvass politicians asking “how could you let this happen?”, and continue to be highlighted in print and TV media. Parents and community members can take charge of their own destiny and this is where it starts! 

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