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Vote in the November 2022 General Elections!

We urge everyone to VOTE. This the best way to affect change. Early Voting is from 10/29-11/6 and Election Day is November 8.


Note: QPU solely endorses based on education policy, and our endorsements expire after election and we review candidates including those previously endorsed for each new cycle.


Like most of the 240,000+ voters in District 3, including the local Democratic and Repulican parties, we were unaware of Santos' alleged fraudulent history until the post-election article from the NY Times was published late December 2022, and are clarifying that QPU will not be considering George Santos for any future elections whether or not he is exonerated.

QPU-2022-11 Endorsements.jpg
Endorsed Candidates

Governor - Lee Zeldin
Lt. Governor - Alison Esposito
NYS Comptroller - Thomas DiNapoli

US Senate - Joseph Pinion
US Congress, NY3 - George Santos

Senate District 11 - Stefano Forte
Senate District 15 - Joseph Addabbo

Assembly District 25 - Nily Rozic
Assemby District 2 - Michael Conigliaro

Ballot Proposals


Proposal #1 - NO
Ballot Proposal would saddle NY residents with astounding debt at a time when we are in a recession for initiatives that should have been funded with pay as you go $$$. The proposal to transition school buses to electric would be cheaper to just replace the school buses. Also, the "labor and materials" provision requires prevailing wage which would reduce the number of competitive bidders and add 13-25% to costs.

Proposal #2 - NO
This measure is a carryover from the de Blasio administration and would codify opportunity for imposing divisive changes such as eliminating merit based admissions based on subjective interpretations of “equity” and subject NYC and its taxpayers to liability for selected, unlimited, subjective reparations for “grave injustices”, “segregated schools”, etc.

Proposal #3 - NO
This measure is a carryover from the de Blasio administration and would expand and legalize the ability for every city agency to use divisive policies to discriminate against and circumvent every New Yorker’s right to be treated equally in the name of “equity” and possibly implement systematic unfairness funded by taxpayers. This will divert funds to create more unnecessary bureaucracy rather than applying them to areas where it is needed.

Proposal #4 - NO
This measure is a carryover from the de Blasio administration and is an attempt to redistribute funds based on a divisive “equity” ideology which does not take into consideration equality for the taxpayers. The total amount a recipient could potentially receive may exceed the amount made from actually working.

Note: Kathy Hochul has refused to meet with any parent groups we are in touch with. She has been vague and unclear on her education goals for improving excellence in our schools, and has signed off on a number of divisive "diversity" bills that we see will only challenge merit-based education standards. As governor, she has failed to remove barriers to language learners and younger students with masking mandates and has done nothing to encourage schools to be fully open. Candidate Lee Zeldin supports parents with medical and masking decisions, as well as pushing for higher standards and calling for accountability from the Board of Regents for dropping standards on Regents exams and graduation requirements.

We applaud Tom DiNapoli for his thorough audit on college preparedness for NYC Schools. 

Also noteworthy is Candidate Joe Pinion in fighting for school choice for minority families - an area where current leaders have failed to take action and acknowledge the current system has failed black and brown students for years.
Other candidates were selected based on either their past actions on uplifting and expanding excellence in schools or their pledge to do so if elected. 

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