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Vote in the November 2021 General Election

We urge everyone to VOTE. This the best way to affect change. Early Voting for the November 2021 General Election is from 10/23-10/31 and Election Day is November 2.

Scroll down until you see your Council District for our recommendations.

If you don't know which City Council you are in, you can look it up here:


Eric Adams (Democratic)

Michelle Caruso-Cabrera (write-in)
Do Not Vote for Brad Lander 

Public Advocate*

Tony Herbert

This office does not affect Education policy but could affect school safety. Please consider this candidate.


Borough President

Donovan Richards (Democratic)

City Council

District 19

Tony Avella (Democratic)

District 20

Sandra Ung (Democratic)

District 21

Francisco Moya (Democratic)

District 22
Felicia Kalan (Republican)

District 23
Linda Lee (Democratic)

District 24
James Gennaro (Democratic)

District 25
Suraj Jaswal (Libertarian)

District 29
Michael Conigliaro (Republican)

District 30
Robert Holden

District 32
Joann Ariola (Republican)

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